Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good News We're Hearing?

Joe Johns, the dumbest man in news, was sitting in for Wolf Blitzer last Sunday on CNN's Late Edition when he said this:

Good news we're hearing is going to come out of Iraq. General Petraeus expected to announce military progress. The surge perhaps is working a bit better than many Democrats might have given the administration and the Pentagon credit for.

Here's some of the good news from the past two days out of Iraq:

4 U.S. soldiers killed yesterday.

5 U.S. soldiers killed in helicopter crash today.

2 truck bombs kill 19 outside Baghdad.

4 suicide bombs kill at least 190 in Northern Iraq, wound more than 200.

Deputy oil minister, 4 other kidnapped from government compound.

Bodies of 15 Sunnis found in Khalis.

Bodies of 15 men found in and around Baghdad.

Gee, I'm glad Joe Johns is on the job to tell us about the good news we're hearing, cuz' if you're just reading the real news from Iraq, it sure looks bad.

Joe Johns - one of the dumbest motherfuckers in news.

And given the number of dumb motherfuckers in the news media, that's saying something.

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