Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Reading over the Idaho Statesmen article about Senator Larry Craig's arrest and guilty plea for disorderly conduct in Minnesota airport bathroom, I can't help but feel pity for this closeted gay man who has spent his entire life hiding who he is so he could get elected to various public offices in one of the most homophobic states in the nation.

Still, the fact that Craig record includes "a series of votes against gay rights and his support of a 2006 amendment to the Idaho Constitution that bars gay marriage and civil unions," I also am glad to see his hypocritical ass outed and his political career essentially ended by the guilty plea for disorderly conduct/soliciting sex in a public place.

Buh-bye, Larry.

reality, Jim McGreevey -- a Democrat from a liberal state -- fared poorly after his outing.

I believe you took an uncharitable attitude toward him as well.
McGreevey is a creep - always thought he was a creep, still think so. Has nothing to do w/ his sexuality - I just find him to have all the charm of a car salesman.
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