Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Preznut Bush: Lead Is Good For Children!!!

Why does the Bush administration hate children?

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration and China have both undermined efforts to tighten rules designed to ensure that lead paint isn't used in toys, bibs, jewelry and other children’s products.

Both have fought efforts to better police imported toys from China.


The Bush administration has hindered regulation on two fronts, consumer advocates say. It stalled efforts to press for greater inspections of imported children’s products, and it altered the focus of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), moving it from aggressive protection of consumers to a more manufacturer-friendly approach.

“The overall philosophy is regulations are bad and they are too large a cost for industry, and the market will take care of it,” said Rick Melberth, director of regulatory policy at OMBWatch, a government watchdog group formed in 1983. “That’s been the philosophy of the Bush administration.”

Today, more than 80 percent of all U.S. toys are now made in China and few of them get inspected.

On a related note, the Bush administration is also creating new rules to cripple the expansion of the Children's Health Insurance Program:

The Bush administration, continuing its fight to stop states from expanding the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program, has adopted new standards that would make it much more difficult for New York, California and others to extend coverage to children in middle-income families.

Administration officials outlined the new standards in a letter sent to state health officials on Friday evening, in the middle of a monthlong Congressional recess. In interviews, they said the changes were intended to return the Children’s Health Insurance Program to its original focus on low-income children and to make sure the program did not become a substitute for private health coverage.

After learning of the new policy, some state officials said yesterday that it could cripple their efforts to cover more children and would impose standards that could not be met.

“We are horrified at the new federal policy,” said Ann Clemency Kohler, deputy commissioner of human services in New Jersey. “It will cause havoc with our program and could jeopardize coverage for thousands of children.”

Compassionate conservatism at its finest.


Fuck 'em!

I think CNN reported that the actual number of toy inspectors, or whatever these people are called, is down by 60% since GW rode into town.

It's incredible what they've gotten away with, and this attack on health insurance for children is outrageous. It would be nice if the democratic candidates would talk about these things.
Would someone please explain to me how in the cornbread hell the 'market' is supposed to take care of product safety issues? I suppose I could convert my spare bedroom to a lab to test for lead and carcinogens I could be exposed to, and it wouldn't take all that long to brush up on the qual and quant chemistry classes I took way back when. Otherwise, the only weapon the market has is to sue the ass off any company pulling some shenanigan, and the Bushies don't like product liability suits.

Which leaves with exactly one protection -- a shotgun. I'm actually beginning to understand the thought process of some of the tin hat conspiricy crowd.
NYC, they've done that w/ every regulatory commission they control. Notice the increase in mining fatalities. That's cause they no longer go out to mines and look for violations. Instead, they ask the mining companies if there are any violations and when the mining companies say "Of course not!", they happily move on to cutting health insurance for children and taxes for millionaires.

kicksiron, I think regulation is government's business. Even my Dad, who is one of these Ayn Rand, "The Market will fix it" guys thinks the market needs to be regulated when it comes to the health and safety of people. Because as we know, corporations will almost always cut corners to hike profits, even if that means harm to humans (or animals.)
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