Thursday, September 06, 2007

He's Back

Osama is releasing a new video tape of himself in time for the sixth anniversary of 9/11 - and this time he's sporting a brand spanking newly dyed beard.

Remind me again why Bush never got Osama?

Oh, yeah - I remember.

Cuz' he wanted to attack Iraq instead.

How'd that work out?

Not so well, but the talking heads on TV all say that the reappearance of Bin Laden helps Republicans.

Why - cuz' they can talk so tough about capturing or killing him while not actually capturing or killing him?

POSTSCRIPT: I loved reading in today's Washington Post that the Bush administration and its Repub surrogates plan on selling more surge policy by saying the additional troops Bush added to Iraq has brought about a 75% decrease in sectarian violence.

Of course, they no longer define car bomb killings as sectarian violence and apparently you have to be shot in the back in the head to get declared a victim of sectarian violence.

If you get shot in the face, you're just a victim of crime.

Or a hunting partner for Cheney.

Either way, you're not a victim of sectarian violence.

Ahh, smell the success.

I confess I thought I had been sucked into a different dimension when I heard (on NPR) yesterday that the Pentagon did consider the killings of all those Yazidis as sectarian violence.
I thought I saw Osama in Sydney the other day...
kid, I see that Lindsay Graham says in today's Post that violence is down in iraq, the surge is working and we must continue to give it a chance to work.

Same talking points Petraeus is using (though unofficial leaks to the press, of course.)

Same points Bush has been offering.

If the boys running the war could have coordinated post-invasion strategy as well as they coordinate talking points, Iraq would be Denmark right now.

Cartledge, I saw that! Funny, funny stuff - no wonder they cannot get the real Osama when a "fake" Osama can get to within 50 yards of Bush and Howard!!!

Man, that was great.
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