Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Inflation? What Inflation?

$80 dollar barrels of oil.

Spiking agriculture prices.

Dollar at an all-time low.

Heckuva an economy, Bushie.

Sorry about another Aust reference, but despite the barrel price our retail is quite low at the moment.
Of course it wouldn't have anything to do with an inquiry into our gas pricing...
Gas is down here to from its highest levels of the summer, carltedge. But w/ oil at 80 going into the winter heating season, unless we have one of those global warming winters like we had last year where the temperature is 75 degrees going into January, you'd have to think oil stocks will continue to go down for the next six months - meaning maybe $90 oil.

Although, I suppose the looming U.S. recession might put a crimp in some of the oil use and the price.
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