Sunday, September 30, 2007

Third Party For Fundies

This story is music to my ears:

Alarmed at the chance that the Republican party might pick Rudolph Giuliani as its presidential nominee despite his support for abortion rights, a coalition of influential Christian conservatives is threatening to back a third-party candidate in an attempt to stop him.

The group making the threat, which came together Saturday in Salt Lake City during a break-away gathering during a meeting of the secretive Council for National Policy, includes Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, who is perhaps the most influential of the group, as well as Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, the direct mail pioneer Richard Viguerie and dozens of other politically-oriented conservative Christians, participants said. Almost everyone present expressed support for a written resolution that “if the Republican Party nominates a pro-abortion candidate we will consider running a third party candidate.”


Participants in the group that endorsed the resolution said they reached their position hearing an assessment of the state of the Republican primary from Mr. Perkins, who acts as a point man in Washington for the movement. Mr. Perkins told them that Mr. Giuliani could plausibly win the primary if he carried Florida, which is also a state with many conservative Christian voters, and now was the best-chance to stop any momentum behind the campaign.

Who will the fundies settle on as a third party candidate?

Pat Buchanan?

Alan Keyes?


Hard to say, but this story will really send Tweety Bird Matthews into hysterics on Hardball.

He's been saying that those in the press who say the fundies won't back St. Rudy because of the abortion/family values issues are wrong.

But it sure doesn't sound like they are.

I think this is a hoot. I couldn't be any happier to see an independant third party composed of fundies, because it will show once and for a while just how small their numbers are and how little influence over the way of life of the rest of us they deserve. Considering they start out with 25% or less who actually disapporve of Roe v. Wade, and subtracting out those who don't identify with this bunch of rabid fanatics, as well as those who can actually support a 'mainstream' candidate even though they don't approve of all his positions, they should wind up draining away just enough Republican votes that a Democrat, ANY Democrat, will find himself in the White House. Then there's the havoc that they would inflict on down-ticket Republicans, which I can only speculate about. If we can have our Nader, they deserve one as well.
Absolutely right on target, kicksiron!
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