Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lots Of Dough

Now Hillary's beating Obama in the money game too:

Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- New York Senator Hillary Clinton raised $27 million in the third quarter, topping all her Democratic rivals for the presidential nomination.


Clinton's take beat the $20 million reported yesterday by her closest competitor, Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Her total included $22 million that can be used for the primary elections, her campaign said today. That compares with Obama's $19 million.

The level of contributions lets Clinton, 59, neutralize Obama's fund-raising edge, one of the few advantages he has had over her to date. While Clinton has consistently led national polls of Democratic voters, Obama brought in more money from more donors in the first half.

``What this does is clearly solidify her position as the front runner in this race,'' said Glenn Totten, a Democratic consultant who isn't affiliated with a candidate.


``It suggests her standing in the polls is translating into fund-raising success,'' said Anthony Corrado, a campaign finance expert and government professor at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. ``She is well positioned to fend off any challenge.''

I think the window of opportunity for Obama is slowly closing.

He's losing ground in the national polls, he's losing ground in the money game, he's losing ground in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Only in Iowa is Obama competitive.

If he loses Iowa, he's done.

Frankly, I think he's done anyway.

For all the talk about the "Obama buzz" and all of the backlash against HRC, Obama is actually falling behind further in this race month by month.

He's got one shot - turn it around in Iowa.

Even then, I think he's a long shot to beat her.

I know many in the blogosphere like him and dislike her.

But I'm starting to become resigned to the fact that she is going to be the nominee.

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