Wednesday, October 25, 2006

GOP Scandal of the Day: "Tough on Illegal Immigrants" Jim Gibbons (R-NV) Hired An Illegal Immigrant As A Housekeeper/Babysitter

Remember, in the world of the Grand Old Party, it's always "Do As I Say, Not As I Do":

Nevada gubernatorial candidate Rep. Jim Gibbons (R-NV) is under fire for employing an illegal immigrant for several years as a housekeeper and babysitter, reports KLAS-TV. One of Gibbons’ main issues has been getting tough on illegal immigrants.

"The woman, Patricia Pastor Sandoval, says she worked for the Gibbons' for years and the family occasionally made her hide in the basement to keep her illegal status a secret."

My favorite part of the story? Gibbons made the nanny hide out in the basement and live with the mice. Nice, eh?

Gibbons has had exciting few last weeks, btw. You'll remember that he was also accused of sexual assault by a 32 year old Las Vegas cocktail waitress a few weekends ago and that there are both 911 tapes and video footage from the casino bar where they were drinking.

Jim Gibbons - just another example of Republican Family Values.

(H/T to Political Wire)

UPDATE: Taegan Goddard at Political Wire also posts that the New York Times is reporting that Congressman Rick Renzi (R-AZ) is under federal investigation for having "introduced legislation that benefited a military contractor that employs his father." The Times reports that the inquiry into Congressman Renzi is a preliminary one and that "no search warrants had been issued, suggesting that investigators had yet to determine whether there was a basis to open a formal investigation or empanel a grand jury."

Gee, the GOP scandals just keep coming these days: There's Foley, Abramoff, Weldon, Hayworth, Alexander, Wilson, Ney...

SECOND UPDATE: Josh Marshall notes that this is actually the second criminal probe into Renzi. He's also being looked at for a shady land deal.

As Atrios says, we only have a few more hours to talk about these Grand Old Party corruption stories before the New Jersey Supreme Court releases an opinion on same-sex marriage that is sure to set the media into a frenzy talking about how "gay marriage" may just yet win the election for the Republican Party.

Wow, somebody employed an illegal alien to perform housekeeping chores. What a crime!

I'd like to know if there are any politicians who HAVE NOT hired an illegal alien at one time or another.

Meanwhile, based on your moral tsk-tsking tone, it seems that it only matters when a Republican hires an illegal alien, but it wouldn't matter if a Democratic office holder did the same because Democrats want to embrace all illegal aliens. Is that it?

Of course Zoe Baird comes to mind. I thought it was too bad that her nomination was shot down as a result of her nanny problem. She was good looking and a likely target for Clinton. Who could blame him if he chased her around a little?

Also, I like your take on Gibbons and the "cocktail waitress". What makes you sure she wasn't a hooker? There are many in Las Vegas and they're known to hang around bars.
Yeah, I guess there's no hypocrisy when a politician who makes his opposition to illegal immigration a key part of his campaign platform is revealed to have hired an illegal nanny and hid her in the basement.
reality, you wrote:

"Yeah, I guess there's no hypocrisy when a politician who makes his opposition to ______ a key part of his campaign platform is revealed to have __________.

If we're filling in blanks, why not consider John Kerry and his desire to fight the Bush tax cuts while enjoying all the tax advantages of having a billionairess wife who has no plans to pay an additional nickel to the Treasury.
And don't forget how Kerry windsurfs too! Even makes his surfboard hide out in the basement!
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