Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hypocrisy Update: Mitt Romney Edition

Not to be outdone by the hypocrisy of Law and Order star Fred Thompson (who feels that law and order only applies to non-Republicans) and Rudy Giuliani (who used to be against pardons and commutations before he was for them), here is Mitt Romney's hypocritical take on the Libby commutation:

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who as Massachusetts governor refused to pardon an Iraq war veteran's BB-gun conviction, on Tuesday called President Bush's commutation of Scooter Libby's prison sentence "reasonable."

Defending Bush, Romney said at a campaign stop that "the president looked very carefully at the setting" before deciding to commute the 2 1/2-year sentence of Libby, the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, who was convicted in the CIA leak case.


As governor, Romney twice rejected a pardon for Anthony Circosta, who at age 13 was convicted of assault for shooting another boy in the arm with a BB gun - a shot that didn't break the skin. Circosta worked his way through college, joined the Army National Guard and led a platoon of 20 soldiers in Iraq's deadly Sunni triangle.

In 2005, as he was serving in Iraq, he sought a pardon to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer.

In his presidential bid, Romney often proudly points out that he was the first governor in modern Massachusetts history to deny every request for a pardon or commutation during his four years in office. He says he refused pardons because he didn't want to overturn a jury.

During the four years Romney was in office, 100 requests for commutations and 172 requests for pardons were filed in the state. All were denied.

Romney never once issued a pardon, not even for the bb gun incident. But he's got no problem with the Libby commutation.

What a despicable hypocrite.

Not enough bad stuff can happen to these fucking dishonest, hypocritical lying scumbags.

We should start by making sure they all lose the race for the White House.

The base is cheering Bush's actions (those who aren't criticizing Bush for not going the full pardon route), so all the Republicants have to look like they stand behind Bush's decision. Until, of course, their hypocricy is exposed and they all get caught flip-flopping like the fish at the end of the Faith No More Epic video.
I wonder how they'll handle it in the general election, Lew. It works to cheer it in the primaries, but I bet they run from it in the general. I guess we'll see.
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